Napoleonic Soldier

9th June - Modelling competition at 'Games & Computers' Tavistock


Salute 2014

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15th August 2014 Plastic Republican Roman unit shots

We have a few images for you showing the figures pieced together in units... [More info]

18th July 2014 Carthaginian boxed set update

We are really pleased to be able to show you a few more figures from our forthcoming ‘Warriors of Carthage’ boxed set... [More info]

17th July 2014 Victrix Aviation art

Victrix Aviation Art Victrix will shortly be releasing a range of 1/100 scale plastic aircraft kits... [More info]

15th June 2014 Republican Roman and Latin allied Legions update

It has been a while since Salute when last we gave you an update about the new Republican Romans... [More info]

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