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21st July - Victrix & W Boyes & Co Ltd

There is no doubt that the internet has slowly but surely undermined the specialist model and hobby shops over the past few years. However, all is not lost for those that still like to make a personal trip to their local model and hobby shop. The retail chain, W Boyes & Co Ltd, have recognised that every high street needs a specialist model and hobby outlet and have decided to run a pilot scheme in a select number of their larger stores. This pilot will see a considerable amount of shop space being dedicated to a plastic modelling and hobby department, with kits, figures, paints and modelling equipment available for purchase.

The Victrix team are delighted to announce that W Boyes & Co Ltd will be selling the full range of Victrix plastic figure sets in 6 of their shops across the East Midlands and North of England. The 6 W Boyes & Co Ltd shops that will initially be carrying Victrix products are:

York - Victrix products available from Thursday 28th July 2011

Ilkley - Victrix products available from Thursday 4th August 2011

Arnold - Victrix products available from Friday 5th August 2011

Bridlington - Victrix products available from Thursday 11th August 2011

Scarborough - Victrix products available from Thursday 4th August 2011

Billingham - Victrix products available from Thursday 11th August 2011

If the pilot scheme is successful W Boyes & Co Ltd could potentially open "in house hobby departments" in 41 shops across the Midlands and the North of England. If you would like to see a return to the high street of a dedicated modelling and hobby retail outlet please get down to your local W Boyes & Co Ltd store and support this noble venture.


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