Artmaster's Connoiseur Painting Guide

February 03, 2014

Below you will find a connoisseur standard painting guide for 28mm British Napoleonic infantry. Simply select the thumbnails in turn. The full text for the guide is appended.

  • 1. Prepare and prime your model in black

  • 2. Paint white in the eyes and tidy with black and also add the pupils

  • 3. Undercoat areas of flesh with Burnt Sienna

  • 4. Highlight flesh areas with Games Workshop Dwarf Flesh

  • 5. Add a second highlight to flesh areas with Games Workshop Elf Flesh

  • 6. Undercoat wood on musket and hair with Americana Asphaltum

  • 7. Paint boltgun metal onto the metal areas of the musket

  • 8. Highlight the wood areas of the musket and hair with Games Workshop Calthan Brown

  • 9. Undercoat jacket and base of plume in Americana Napa Red

  • 10. Undercoat Trousers, top of plume, shoulder pads and turn backs with Foundry Arctic Grey A

  • 11. First highlight on red with Vallejo Vermillion

  • 12. First highlight on white areas with Foundry Arctic Grey B.

  • 13. Second highlight on red areas with Vallejo Orange Red

  • 14. Second highlight white areas with White

  • 15. Undercoat Blanket roll with Foundry Slate Grey A

  • 16. Undercoat Bag with Foundry Canvas A

  • 17. Undercoat water bottle with Foundry Sky Blue A

  • 18. First highlight blanket roll with Foundry Slate Grey B

  • 19. First highlight on bag with Foundry Canvas B

  • 20. First highlight water bottle with Foundry Sky Blue B

  • 21. Second highlight blanket roll with Foundry Slate Grey C

  • 22. Second highlight bag with Foundry Boneyard B

  • 23. Second highlight water bottle with Foundry Sky Blue C

  • 24. Paint water bottle strap with GW Foundation Calthan Brown

  • 25. Undercoat collar and cuffs with Americana Hauser Dark Green

  • 26. Highlight Collar and cuffs with Foundry Forest Green B

  • 27. Undercoat shako badge, musket butt, trigger guard, scabbard tip, buckle on front of straps with Foundry Burnished Copper

  • 28. Highlight Gold areas with Foundry Burning Gold B

  • 29. Highlight Black areas with Foundry Charcoal Black B

  • 30. Paint straps and piping on collar and cuffs with White

  • 31. Paint buttons Foundry Spearpoint C

  • 32. The completed figure

All the paints used are acrylic. We recommend that figures are varnished with gloss and then matt varnish. In this walkthrough ‘Highlight’ indicates that you should place the colours onto the black areas leaving some of the black undercoat showing in the odd crease. It is up to the individual to decide how much black is left showing.

When painting the jackets choose browns and reds that suit your personal preferences. The colour of the British “red coat” could vary from pink through scarlet to rust depending on the quality of the dyes, the age of the jacket and exposure to the elements. This method with a little practice will enable you to paint figures quickly. Whilst this method will not win any prizes in figure painting competitions it will allow you to build units quickly.

We suggest that you work on batches 4 to 6 figures at a time and working in the stages described. For example: dry brush black areas on all 6 figures, then go back and paint the eyes on all 6 etc.

Good luck

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