First images of French artillery

December 09, 2014 4 Comments

As promised we thought we would start showing you some renders of the French Artillery set we are working on. I am sure you will agree Emel is doing a stunning job on these figures.

This set will be French foot artillery in pre Bardin uniform with 8 and 12 pounder Gribeauval system guns. You will get covered shakos, un-covered shakos, Bicornes and Imperial Guard bearskins.

The figures are nice and easy to build due to the coat tails, sword Bayonets and cartridge boxes being all one piece which plugs in to the bottom! Arms are interchangeable.

There are many more figures to show and arm and head variants, these are just a sample with more images and news to follow.

Before we hear howls of 'why oh why are there no XI system guns and Bardin uniforms for Waterloo?'. They are coming straight after these. So you can field that Grand battery in style by the Summer!

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April 04, 2015

Fantastic new website. Really enjoyed navigating it for first time. Long awaited. Big improvement over the old one. Liked so much, placed a $300USD order tonight with your FREE SHIPPING Easter Special. Well done.


April 03, 2015

Great set , although I just hope there will be arms to attach to represent someone firing the gun.


March 30, 2015

Bravo pour cette nouvelle !
Cela fit longtemps que l’on attend de l’artillerie française.
De belles réalisations pour de nouveaux dioramas. Bravo pour cette démarche !


March 28, 2015

Really looking forward to the artillery set and the new carthaginian mixed box…The gunners lookteriffic with lots of potential for conversions. The big question is there a release date please as living in Philippines I have rely on mail order…and so far yours has been great…May i suggest for the artillery that separate sprues of heads for “french allies” eg Italians…as the basic uniform is the same…look forward to hearing from you …regards barry

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