Carthaginian Boxed Set Update

We are really pleased to be able to show you a few more figures from our forthcoming ‘Warriors of Carthage’ boxed set.

Our sculptor Emel has really done a wonderful job on these command figures.

We have two officers/standard bearers. They have arm options to be able to use each figure as either a standard bearer or Officer and will come with a few more head options to give you the variety we always strive to achieve in our sets.

Also on the Command frame is a trumpeter in a great pose that is full of dynamism. The figure is wearing the long knee length sleeved tunic often worn by Carthaginians and Liby-Phoenicians.


We should have some images of the Libyan spearmen in Lino thorax armour to show you quite soon and then we will finish off with the rest of the Veterans.

The boxed set will contain Libyan Veteran Spearmen, Libyan spearmen in Linen armour and round shields, Libyan javelin men and a full command. There will be 60 figures i the box and Steve will be producing an extensive range of shield transfers for them.

We have no release date as yet but they will most likely follow the release of the French foot artillery we have planned for release later this year. We expect to have some images of these to show off quite soon!

The next releases will be the first two Republican Roman boxed sets ‘Rome’s Legions of the Republic (I) and (II)’ Legionaries in chainmail and square pectoral armour. ‘Rome’s Italian allied legions will follow a few weeks afterwards. We have been told we will have some test frames from the toolmakers in the next week or so. As soon as we have some we will put some images on the website and our facebook page.

A big thanks to all those who have been writing  to us with encouragement for the Punic wars range. Your suggestions and opinions for the next set have been really useful and a valuable bit of market research. Keep it coming!

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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