Republican Roman and Latin allied Legions update

It has been a while since Salute when last we gave you an update about the new Republican Romans. We have quite a lot to show you and some information on prospective release times.

Tooling on all 3 sets, Romans in chainmail, Romans in square pectoral armour and Latin allied legions is progressing nicely. We had hoped to have the first 2 sets out in June but we are a little behind. The first 2 sets should now be on release the end of July with first test frames coming from the tool makers around the end of June. The Latin allied legions will be a follow up release a few weeks afterwards. The boxes are about to go off to the printers and Steve will be starting the large range of shield transfers we have planned.

The first Roman set is ‘Rome’s legions of the Republic (I)’. This set depicts Roman legionaries wearing chainmail in varying styles, helmets of Montifortino, Attic and Etrusco Corinthian types and weapon arms holding pilums, long thrusting spears and swords. You also get light troops and command figures in the box all in multi pose hard plastic. We think you will be blown away by the detail, character and variation in this and the next two sets. As always at Victrix we strive to give you variety and quality in our products alongside great value for money. Each boxed set will contain 60 figures for only £29.95 (Not counting any discounted Multi box deals we will be running on release!).


Next boxed set is Rome’s legions of the Republic (II)’. This set contains Roman legionaries wearing varying styles of square pectoral armour on the chest and back, held on by straps over the shoulders and around the waist. This was the minimum requirement of armour to be accepted into the ranks of the legion. Citizens with slightly less financial resources often wore this unlike the wealthier citizens who could afford full chainmail.


As with Roman boxed set 1 they come with a variety of helmet styles and the weapon options mentioned above. The set also contains light troops which can be built as Velites or earlier levy light infantry. Also as in the first set it contains 60 fantastic quality figures including Centurion, standard bearer and musician.


Lastly we are really pleased to finally show you ‘Rome’s Latin allied legions’. Our sculptor Emel has done a fabulous job on these. He really does get better with each new set!


This set contains the Latin and Italian allies that made up around half of Rome’s field armies. They are depicted wearing varying styles of armour including, the distinctive triple disc armour, muscled cuirasses, square and round pectoral plates and the broad bronze belt around the waist worn as a sign of manhood by many Italian tribes. This boxed set also comes with a large variety of helmet variants with mixed crests, plumes and feather decorations to really add a distinctive Italian flavour to this superb set of figures. As stated above in the first 2 sets this set also comes with light troops and full command.

There is a lot of debate as to what did Rome’s Latin and Italian allies wear? They fought as the Romans did and trained as the Romans did. Maybe they simply adopted everything Roman and wore totally Roman looking arms and armour. If so just use sets 1 and 2 to depict your Latin allied legion.

However there is an argument to suggest they retained some racial identity in their appearance at least until after the Punic Wars. What we have done in this boxed set is depict the allied legions in varying styles of Italian armour but mixed that with Roman equipment such as the Pilum, longer scutum and sword hanging from the right hip, plus the single greave on the leading left leg. This we feel gives a great individual flavour and visual differentiation to the allied Italians in a state of transition between former independence and incorporation into the Roman state.

We feel this set is full of versatility. With a few simple conversions and swapping some shields and spears from other sets you will be able to make other Italian tribes to fight alongside Carthage or Pyrrhos against their Roman oppressors. Once the set is released we will be doing a few simple but effective conversion articles to show you the full potential of this exciting set.

Work is continuing very nicely on the Carthaginian set. We will have some more images to show you in a few weeks of the command figures and the Libyan spearmen in linen armour.

Now we do intend to continue with the Punic wars releases after the Carthaginians and so we thought we would ask for a little feedback from our customers as to what Punic Wars set to make next? Before everybody sends us an email asking for Elephants and Ligurians! The next sets we are looking at are Celts and Spanish infantry. Which of these two choices would you like to see us work on first? If you could send us an email with your preference would be greatly appreciated. We have had some great feedback already about the Romans and really appreciate your support, enthusiasm and input.

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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