Aircraft Update

We have not made any new announcements about the new range of 1/100 scale aircraft since Salute. So we thought we would give you a bit of an update.

The Idea 

Victrix, in a move to broaden our product base made the decision last year to launch a new range of 1/100 scale (that's 15mm to the gamers out there) highly detailed plastic aircraft kits. The airplanes will be sold in sets of three and will included 3 clear plastic flight stands that are telescopic and have a clever ratcheted ball and socket joint. This will allow gamers to seamlessly set athe aircraft altitudes whilst allowing the aircraft to be "posed" realistically. In addition each set will also offer 3 or 4 different decal choices.


Victrix are delighted to announce that they are partnering with Mongoose Publishing (Judge Dread, Starship Troopers, Traveller etc) who are currently designing and play testing a brand new set of WWII air combat rules. More details of these in the future but we are anticipating releasing the rules later 2014. 

The Aircraft

Our first 4 releases are at various stages of CAD, tooling or pre production. Full details are in the following text.

Junkers Ju87 G2   

Tooling is complete and awaiting production.

Hawker Typhoon 1B


Tooling underway.

P47D Thunderbolt 


CAD completed and awaiting tooling.

IL2 M3 Sturmovik


CAD underway.

Future products 

It is anticipated that we will produce several pure dog fighting models such as Mustangs, Messerschmitt 109G6, Spitfire Mk9 etc. No firm decision will be made on the follow up releases until a future date. It is hoped we will then embark on twin engine and 4 engine designs and also cover the key theatres of Western Europe, Eastern Front, Western Desert and The Pacific.

Box Illustration

We have engaged well known aviation artist, Jamie Baldwin, to produce our box artwork. Jamie has produced some excellent illustrations for our first 4 releases. We are now looking into producing A3 high quality limited edition prints of his artwork but more news on this later.

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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