New Plastic Republican Romans and Carthaginians Update

Rome’s Legions of the Republic set 1 is at the tooling stage at present, and we expect to see test frames in early June. In this flyer we want to show you the components that will make up this fantastic set, displaying the huge variety of poses available for the figures, the incredible sculpting by our sculptor Emel and also give you some insight into what Victrix will be doing to cover the Punic wars in depth over the coming months.

The set will contain 60 figures. You will get 36 Legionaries and be able to equip them as Hastati, Principes or Triari. The choice is yours! We did not want to limit you in your unit composition by adding restrictive poses. There are enough thrusting spears or pilums in upright or throwing positions to have your legionaries waiting for action or about to deliver a volley of Pila. You have helmet choices of Montefortino, Attic and Etrusco Corinthian. This particular set of legionaries is equipped in chainmail. However we have varied the styles of chainmail armour for each figure. The future 2 sets will be portrayed in square pectoral armour and mixed Italian styles of breastplates and triple disc armour for example. The helmet styles for the Italian set will also show a lot more variety. These parts will all be able to be mixed freely between all three sets.

On the command frame (you will receive 3 command frames) we have a Centurian in breastplate and a mixture of helmet styles and a bare head showing particularly mean and grizzled faces. They really look like tough Veterans to lead the Cohort! Also we have a standard bearer in a Bearskin. He has a choice of totems to go on the end of the standard pole to give each of your Cohorts an emblem of their own. Finally we have Musician arms and extra left legs wearing Greaves. This enables you to transform one of the Legionary figures into a musician by replacing the left arm and right leg. The extra legs also give you the opportunity to make legionaries into more Centurian variants.

To finish off the Legion in a box we have 18 Velites (this may leave you with a couple of spares) Emel our sculptor has really done a wonderful job on making these figures very versatile and dynamic. They can be equipped as Velites or earlier Roman Leves (Light infantry which were less well equipped) or due to the addition of extra Scutums on the frame you have the option to field them as un-armoured Legionaries or Acensus. We have spent a lot of time giving the wolfskin head dress and capes a lot of depth of detail and movement. We felt all other plastic wolf skins at present are too soft and ill defined and stick out a bit like batman capes. As you can see from the renders, these will look excellent on the tabletop.

We are really happy with our 2 New Greek sets that are on release at present (we think they are great in fact!) These Romans are going to be even better and we hope the images will give you something to look forward too from Victrix in the next couple of months. It is our aim now we have cracked this new sculpting and production method to get better and faster with every set and give our customers the regular releases we know they want.

Below we can show you some examples of the next Roman set ‘Rome’s Legions of the Republic (II)’ There will be 6 new bodies all wearing square pectoral armour in various stances and slight differences in armour to give your units a regular but none uniform feel of the period./p>

Steve at LBMS will be supporting the range with a whole new range of transfers. (He has been saving up some original ideas for this range which have not been seen before on other ranges)

And finally so you know we mean business when it comes to covering this period in some depth. Emel has started work on Carthaginians already. They will be the next Ancients set to follow the Italians later this year. He has started work on some Veterans and Libyan javelin men.


Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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