Greek Peltasts, Unarmoured Hoplites, Archers and Slingers Update.

March 07, 2014

We are getting really excited at Victrix as we draw ever closer to the release of our 2 new sets ’Greek unarmoured hoplites and archers’ and ‘Greek Pletasts, javelin men and slingers’. We expect them to be on release in April in time for Salute 2014.


First test shots of the sprues will be appearing in March.


Steve is busily working on new shield transfers.


Our older sets will remain at their current prices but we have had to increase the price of the new releases due to increased manufacturing and tooling costs. We are happy however that we are able to keep the cost down to around the 50p mark in line with some of the Perry twins latest releases but below the prices per figure of Warlord Games and Fireforge. We feel comfortable that we can continue to create new sets and expand our ranges with this new price whilst still giving the customer good value for money by packing our boxes with lots of figures with plenty of variety.

As the latest sets of Greeks are new products the individual boxes will not be subject to any deals at Salute. However we will be running multi box deals of the new and older sets at Salute 2014. Details of these will be on the website shortly.

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