Victrix to make 15mm, 1/100th Scale Aircraft

Victrix embark on a new range of 1/100 scale WW2 plastic aircraft kits


(Please note that these models need a few bits of detail adding before going to tooling in around 2 weeks).

Exciting times at Victrix as the effort we have expended in digital technology is starting to bear fruit.

A major benefit for Victrix from the research and development into digital technology has allowed us to develop a new range of 1/100 scale (15mm to the wargamers) aircraft models. I must confess this new range really has got me in a fervent mood having  always had a great interest in piston engine combat aircraft and I spent many happy hours as a child hanging Airfix aircraft models from my bedroom ceiling.

Initial Releases

The release schedule for our first 4 releases is as follows:

VXAC0001 Junkers Ju87D-5/G Stuka                        CAD completing and tooling scheduled
VXAC0002 Hawker Typhoon                                       CAD underway
VXAC0003 P47 Thunderbolt                                        CAD underway
VXAC0004 IL2 Sturmovik                                               Design brief underway

Our initial releases obviously concentrate on the ground attack warfare but all being well the next tranche of releases will focus on one of history's most iconic air battles.

Transfers and Flight Stands

We plan to sell 3 aircraft per boxed with 3 different sets of transfers. We will also be selling separate transfer sheets including sets depicting aircraft from a single unit, thus allowing gamers to field a complete flight (or schwarm) on the gaming table. The transfer sheets (or decals) are being developed by a professional artist with a great track record in aircraft transfer design. The printing will be carried by a company regarded by many aircraft modellers as the best in the business.

To aid the gamer we are developing a clear plastic flight stand that will be able cope with elevation and tilting the aircraft in all directions. We will provide details of this as soon as they are available. Each boxed set will include 3 flight stands.

VXAC0001 Junkers Ju87D-5/G Stuka                        1/100 scale or 15mm


Our first release is the ubiquitous Ju87 "Stuka" that fought with the Luftwaffe throughout WW2. Victrix decided their first model would be the later war Ju87D-5/G model with a large choice of ordnance including 37mm anti tank cannon, light, medium and heavy bomb configurations. We will include other weapon systems and details of these will follow shortly.

The Junkers JU87 D series was a complete redesign of the original JU87B that had been used during the Blitzkrieg, The Battle of Britain, Barbarossa and throughout the Mediterranean. The B series was already obsolete by 1940 but without a suitable replacement the Germans decided to completely redesigned the aircraft to create the D Series. Changes included a more powerful engine, redesigned cowling, armoured cockpit and a more powerful armament.

The Junkers Ju87D-5 was the same basic aircraft as the D1 & D3 but had the wing tips extended by 0.6 metres to allow a greater lift capacity. The dive breaks were removed as the role of the dive bomber had all but disappeared by the middle stages of WW2. In this configuration the Ju87D-5 could lift nearly 4000lbs of ordnance over short ranges, no mean feat for a single engine aircraft.

The Junkers Ju87G was the same aircraft as the D5 but the weapons fit dismissed the various bomb combinations in favour of 2 x 37mm anti tank gun pods. The weight of these pods made the G version a real handful for the pilots and very vulnerable to enemy fighters. However, in the hands of skilful pilots they were a potent weapon when used against enemy armour.

The greatest Stuka pilot of WW2 was Hans-Ulrich Rudel who became the highest decorated German soldier of the war. He was the only person to be awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds.

Rudel flew 2530 missions and in the process destroyed over 2000 enemy targets. These included the Russian battleship Marat, 2 cruisers, a destroyer, numerous armoured trains, 800 vehicles and 519 tanks plus many artillery pieces, bridges, landing craft etc. What perhaps is even more remarkable is that during his career, Rudel, was shot down or forced to land no less than 32 times, but never by an enemy aircraft (but still managed to shoot down 6 enemy aircraft), always by anti aircraft fire.

Victrix will include markings for Rudel's cannon armed Stuka plus additional transfers for another German Eastern Front aircraft and a Hungarian Air Force Stuka.

This is still work in progress and we will keep everyone updated with developments including details of the weapon options, kit breakdown and markings. If anyone has any questions please contact Julian on

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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