Just added - 54mm French Standard Bearers and British Light Infantry Officer and Sergeant

We have just added the new 54mm resin French standard bearers, British Light infantry officer and British sergeant with spontoon to the shopping cart.

All the packs come with metal Imperial Eagles for the flag poles or a pike head for the British sergeant, You have to make your own poles form plastic rod or thick wire.

The resin is easy to cut and has a good amount of flex! so none of this brittle stuff which causes breakages.

In the next few weeks (hopefully the beginning of September depending on the resin casters) we will have a pack of British light battalion heads to make our British into Light infantry. And we will have 54mm French Artillery. It will be an 8 pounder with 5 crew. So keep your eyes peeled for this rather lovely looking set of figures.
Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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