Computer generated models update

We thought we would show you a few examples of what is being worked on at present as we have had quite a lot of interested emails from customers since we put our new news up.

Firstly we have a few renders of some of the Hanoverian heads being worked on. One of the things you will notice is how chunky a lot of the details are. Details have to be over exaggerated so that the tooling at 28mm scale remains sharp. If we were to sculpt the computer models with exact thicknesses of shako cords, shako plates etc... they would end up with very soft detailing in the finished product. Our sculptor has done a great job in getting the character into the faces which has become a trademark of our figures.

The next example is of the Punic Wars Roman head. The first image is of the traditionally sculpted 3 up master model. This was then scanned and turned into a computer model. This was cleaned up and ready to tool. One of the pleasing aspects of this method is that it retains a lot of the imperfections which add life and character from the traditional sculpt. You can get this with a straight computer sculpt but just have to work into it more as our sculptor has done with the Hanoverian faces.

Lastly we have a fully modelled Greek Peltast. This has been scanned from a traditionally sculpted master and then cleaned up and enhanced. The beauty of this method is that as it is scanned from a traditional master we know that all proportions and bulk will fit perfectly with our existing models, so the change over from traditional pantography to digital means there will be no glaring change in style and size.

(The images have been rendered in perspective view).
Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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