Brief update about Greeks and 54mm French

January 27, 2012

Sorry for the lack of news updates recently. We have been beavering away on our new releases for 2012 and will have lots of new images to show in the next couple of weeks.

We have been waiting for test shots for quite some time of our French 54mm Voltigeurs, We have good sprues of the Grenadiers set however and once we have the Voltigeurs we can sign them off and proceed with finishing the box art. We hope to release end of Feb. We will show some images of the lovely paintjob Artmaster studio have done on our Grenadiers in the next week or so.

The Greeks are being patterned at present and we are (fingers crossed) expecting the first Athenian set to be ready for Salute. It will be a staggered release to cope with production and high demand. The Athenians will be followed by the Spartans, Thebans and then Mercenaries spaced about 2 weeks apart.

Julian is busily photographing resin masters so we can show you a lot of the variants available in the sets. We have lots of meetings next week but will be able to post images the following week.

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