Plastic Rifles set and more Russians

April 12, 2011

We are delighted to show you a glimpse of a set in the pipeline from one of our new sculptors. It is a Rifleman which we had him sculpt as a test piece with a view to becoming a set down the line. I think you will agree it is a fine looking figure with lovely attention paid to the uniform detailing and creasing in the clothing. No release date for these as yet as Cavalry are being worked on at present.

We are working out the design options for the Rifles set as we want to be able to do the 95th, 60th and the KGL light battalions. Plus some of the Hanoverian light battalions and some Prussian reservists wore the Rifles Uniform so we are looking at what head options can be put in the box and which could be done as some separate head packs for conversions. There are a lot of possibilities here! Any other option and conversion suggestions would be welcome.

Just added to the shopping cart are the Early Russian Chasseurs and command pack.

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