New 54mm Metal British Ensigns

We are pleased to release the first of our 54mm Metal character and conversion packs.

This set is 2 x British peninsular War Ensigns. You get 3 head options(bare head, hat in cover and hat with plume) and 2 hand options (holding hat and holding pistol) So you can get a lot of variety from the two base poses. You also get 2 finials and a choice of regimental flag sheet:
  • KGL 5th Bat
  • 77th East Middlesex Regt
  • 45th Nottinghamshire Regt
  • 23rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers
  • 88th Connaught Rangers
  • 4th Kings Own Regt
  • 2nd Bat Coldstream Guards
  • 69th South Lincoln Regt
  • 32nd Cornwall Regt
  • 3rd The Buffs
  • 27th Inniskilling Regt.
The figures were sculpted by Robi Baker over the top of some plastic armateurs made from our plastics to keep them in scale and proportion. He has done a lovely job and they fit well with our plastic British.

As well as being able to buy the ensigns pack, we have also added a standard bearer deal to the shopping cart. You can get 2 plasitc 54mm boxed sets, 2 standard bearers and choice of flag sheet. This is a great way to build up 54mm units cheaply. The deal costs £50, normal retail price is £65.85, saving you £15.85!

These are on sale now and we will have them at Salute on 16th April. We had hoped to have some sprues of the 54mm French Grenadiers and Voltigeurs to show off but have been let down on the delivery of a steel bolster from Germany. We should have test shots in a few weeks and will keep you posted.
Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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