First images of our forthcoming Plastic Austrian sets

These are some first photos of master models for our upcoming plastic Austrian sets.

Austrians in helmets

Austrians in shakos

Austrian Grenadiers

Austrian Landwehr

The sets will comprise 36 or 48 figures, (this is to be decided so please send us your views on this). Some customers have already commented that they would prefer the 48 man units for some rules sets as Austrians did field larger battalions than most other European nations.

The main position will be march attack pose as this is the most frequently requested position. However there will be extra arm positions to add the character and conversion possibilities you have come to expect from our figures.

The command sprue will be separate on these sets so you don't have any command figures left over. As well as a great looking officer, standard bearer, drummer and sergeant options we have included a fantastic mounted officer. The arms of the foot and mounted officer are interchangeable so you can get lots of variety of pose.

The figures are having a few minor changes done to them at present and then we will update you again with some more photos.

No exact release date for these at present but we are looking at early 2011.
Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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