Old Guard Chasseurs

It's been a while since we announced any news at Victrix. It is not that we have not been busy! But there have been a few things going on in the background that have put us a bit behind schedule on our next releases. We are now able to move forward and will have set VX0011 'NAPOLEON'S OLD GUARD CHASSEURS' on release the end of September / early October.

The set will contain 60 figures like our Grenadiers set. It has new heads for the Chasseurs and a new command section. The drummer holding his sabre ready for some action and the officer with raised sword are two very characterful models. A new standard bearer clutching his flag pole in both hands is another great addition. And remember these can be freely intermixed with other French sets from Victrix for even more variety in your units.

Below is an image of the wondferful box art from 'Dan Horsechief', the Chasseurs in a firefight outside the church at Plancenoit

We will have more images of the plastic figures nearer release time..


Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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