New British regimental colours added

We have just uploaded to the site some brand new 28mm British Napoleonic flag sheets. There are 25 regiments available at present, and these will be expanded to cover all British Regiments and Kings German Legion from the Peninsular War and Waterloo. Also we intend to produce a full range of French, French allies, Portuguese, Spanish and other European powers flags over the coming months.

These flags have been designed by Steve Hales of "Little Big Men Studios" especially for Victrix, using his unique transfer method. You may ask "Why make them as transfers and not simply print on paper?"

Printing as a transfer allows the customer to apply the transfer to paper of weights of their own choice, or to thick foil that has been primed white. Applying to white paper is the easier option, but if you spend a bit more time and apply it to foil you can achieve some truly wonderful billowing, creasing, and twisting effects to your banners.

The transfer paper also ensures a much higher density of colour, whereas printing on paper via laser or lithography can dull some colours. The transfer paper also ensures that the detail which Steve has painstakingly worked into the designs stays crisp and sharp.

Also included in the flag sheet packs are finials for the top of the flag poles. These are cast in high quality metal which enable you to bend the cords into active, flowing shapes without worry of breaking them. The finials will be a feature of all our upcoming flag packs for every nation.

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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