Portuguese Cacadores are now ready to order

January 30, 2010

The Portuguese were known as the "fighting cocks" of Wellingtons army in the Peninsular war. They made up about a third of his forces and fought brilliantly, the equal of any British regular.

Our first release is three packs of Cacadores:
VXP009 Cacadores command (8 figure pack)
VXP0010 Cacadores armed with Rifles (8 figure pack)
VXP0011 Cacadores armed with muskets (8 figure pack)

The Cacadores were light troops used for skirmishing but could also fight in line. One company in every battalion was armed with the Baker Rifle used by the famous 95th Rifles. They are wearing the stovepipe shako issued around 1811. Earlier Cacadores wearing the Barretina shako will be released soon. Currently the talented Paul Hicks who sculpted these wonderful models is working on Portuguese line infantry.

Also a big thanks to Mr Rui Ramos of Portugal for supplying very useful information to aid us in sculpting these great models.

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