French Imperial Guard Grenadiers well under way june

We have commenced work on the tool for set VX0009 French Imperial Guard Grenadiers with a release date sometime in September 2009

This will be a 60 figure set of Imperial Guard in campaign dress wearing greatcoats. It will feature a full command element of officer, drummer and standard bearer also wearing greatcoats. Customers will have a choice of march attack, advancing and firing/loading poses. The newly sculpted faces are full of character and suitably represent the grizzled Veterans of Napoleons Imperial Guard.

An example of the flexibility of this set is that heads from VX0005 French Napoleonic Infantry 1807-1812 can be combined with this set to create French Line Grenadiers or Line Voltigeurs.

We will post photographs of the Imperial Guard masters on the website in the near future.

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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