Salute 2009 Excel Centre, Docklands, London Saturday 28th March 2009

Victrix are delighted to announce they we will be show casing a number of exciting new developments for the company at Salute 2009.

1. We will be releasing our new Napoleonic French Infantry 1807 - 1812. This superb 60 figure set features line fusiliers, voltigeurs, grenadiers and command. There are numerous head and arm options that will enable customers to potentially produce hundreds of unique figures from this set.

2. Victrix have linked up with The League of Augsburg to put on a fast play highly visual demonstration game. Based around the battles during the French siege of Cadiz during the Peninsular War. The game will use the "The March of Eagles" rule set available in all boxes of Victrix figures.

The Game:

La Iglesia de San Cristobal 1811, Spain In the third month of 1811 in Southern Spain around the great port of Cadiz a French siege of the city was threatened by aggressive counter manoeuvres from combined British, Spanish and Portuguese forces. Move and counter move culminated in the relatively small and brief Battle of Barossa on March 5th. Although indecisive, it has always been claimed as a victory by the British.

Our game represents a fictitious but plausible attack by a British infantry division on a rearward area of the French siege lines around Cadiz at about the time of Barossa. The French occupy a long ridge topped by the Church of St Christopher (la Iglesia de San Cristobal). At the point of attack the meagre defending forces consist of a single battalion of infantry and a few detachments in various makeshift defensive positions. The better part of a French brigade is close by and rushing to support their comrades exposed and outnumbered by the surprise appearance of the British. The attackers must clear the ridge of La Iglesia de San Cristobal and push on towards the northerly ridge beyond. Will they succeed or might the French reinforcements arrive in time?

3. With every box of Victrix figures purchased at Salute Victrix will be giving away free of charge a high quality 4 page full colour flyer that will contain the following material:

Scenario and order of battle details for the Battle of Additional rule supplements for the March of Eagle rule set Full colour uniform painting guides

A unique Napoleonic Italian Line Infantry flag designed by Stephen Hales will also be given away to each customer who purchases Victrix box sets at Salute. This will also be available to all mail order customers who order between 28th March and 4th April.

4. At Salute we will be releasing a set of British and a set of French Napoleonic battle standards, these will be available to purchase separately. The British sheet will contain regimental standards for up to 8 regiments that fought in the Peninsular War. The French sheet will contain battle standards for up to 24 regiments that fought during the Peninsular War.

5. We will have on display master figures of our British Highlander Centre and Flank company sets that will be available in May. We will also have on display master figures for the next 4 Victrix sets.

Come and see us at stands TC22 and GC21.


Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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