Minor delay with French Artillery 1805-1812

Update on French Artillery 1805 - 1812.

We received a second set of test shots last week that exhibited minor fill and flashing errors. This was caused by some of the fine detail on sword bayonets and bucket handles. This has meant that the tool is back in the tool room to have these finer parts modified thus eliminating the fill and flash issues.

Unfortunately the tool maker who is working on the French artillery tool is on holiday until the middle of next week and as a result the modifications will not be made until his return.

Our sincere apologies for delay. This artillery set is without doubt our most detailed figure set to date and our first Napoleonic set that has been designed digitally. It is important that we iron out these minor errors so we can deliver a superb set of historical figures for our customers.

I will keep everyone abreast of any new developments with the French Artillery 1805 - 1812.

On a more positive note over the next 2 weeks we will be showing digital renders of our Ancient Spanish set which includes unarmoured Iberian warriors, an armoured set of Iberian warriors and finally Balearic slingers. All 3 elements will have command figures.

Finally we will also be showing renders of the Napoleonic French artillery 1812 - 1815 including the XI 6pounder gun.

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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