One week free post offer starts today

Well the summer holidays are with us once more. People are jetting off with the kids so the children can moan and whinge about being bored in the sun rather than moaning and whingeing about being bored at home. Dads are turning their pasty white flesh a subtle shade of lobster and embarrassing wives and daughters by wearing unsuitable swimwear with white socks and sandals.

However for those of you who don’t want to indulge in that slice of holiday heaven, we at Victrix are running a FREE postage worldwide deal this week.

From the 21st July to 28th July any order over £20 will go post free. Simply enter the code freepostover20pounds when you order online, by email or by telephone and you will not have to pay any postage. This is a great saving especially if you combine it with our fantastic multi box cumulative options.

So instead of sitting around the pool sipping cocktails why not stay at home and order yourself some of our fantastic Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Carthaginians? Or our superb Napoleonic French, British and Austrians? Holidays in the sun are so 2014. Sitting in a darkened room painting Wargames figures is where it’s at this year!

Just a couple of rules:

1. If you use the code on an order with a value of under £20 we will spot it and reject the order and refund you.

2. If you forget to use the freepostover20pounds code please do send not an e mail asking for postage to be refunded. It is your responsibility to enter the code and thus qualify for the offer.


Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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