Latest news of Napoleonic French artillery, ancient Spanish and future releases including a 4 legged creature.




Firstly we have an update about the delayed French artillery 1804 to 1812.

We received news from the guys at the tool room that the tooling issues have been rectified. The tool is going into the press on Monday and we are due to receive new test frames on Tuesday. Once we sign those off the set will go into full production and orders will start shipping out.


We really do apologise for the delay to this set and appreciate the patience of all those who have ordered the French artillery. As a good will gesture we will be sending all who have ordered the set a 10% voucher. This can be used on any future Victrix order and you will be given a code you can enter.


(The French artillery really is a great set and will be worth the wait!)


We have more renders of the upcoming Ancient Spanish/Iberians range we are working on at present. 2 more of the Warrior figures and the second slinger miniature. The 6 main warrior figures, plus command and slingers are all done now and will be heading off to tooling shortly. Emel is just working on the armoured warrior variants which should only be a couple of weeks and then they will be joining their compatriots.


Emel has done a really fantastic job on these Iberian figures. He has given them a great sense of dynamism and the level of detail is superb. We think this will be a truly magnificent range when they come out. There are enough shields to make Caetrati or Scutari plus many head and weapon variants.


Futures projects or next in line


The next sets Emel will be working on will be Samnites! We have had a lot of requests for Samnites/Oscans since we released our Italian allied legions set. There will be 2 sets, armoured and un-armoured with various head options and specific Italian style shields and javelins.


After the Samnites we will be working on our long planned Macedonian Phalanx. These will be in practical upright pike position so they will rank up nice and easy on the wargames table. Levelled pikes look great but are a real pain to use in a wargame! These will slot in nicely with our Ancient Greeks range and can also be used against the Republican Romans as Pyrrhic troops which will then tie in well with the Oscan/Samnite figures we are making.


(There is a method to our madness you know!)


These sets should not take Emel long to do and after that we are looking at a plastic Nelly with crew and Numidians. So keep a close eye on our website and Facebook page for lots of future updates.



Stephen Hales
Stephen Hales


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