August mail order and discount code

Where to start ?
First of all my sincere apologies to all of our customers who had to wait for their July and August orders to arrive. Like most people with families I had booked a holiday in August and put in place a mechanism to keep mail order flowing whilst I was away. Unfortunately that mechanism did nor work as well as expected with the resultant delays in orders being shipped.
Once again my sincere apologies. All orders are now despatched and mail order is now taking between 24 and 48 hours to be despatched on receipt of the order. Normal service has now been resumed.
As a way of saying sorry I am issuing a discount code, Victrix10
This can be entered in the discount code box at the check out. The offer is valid until 26 September and will add a 10% discount to your order on top of any multiple purchase discounts. I have applied a minimum £20.00 order value simply to avoid discounting on 3rd party products such as LittleBigMenStudios shield transfers.
As for the future, the French Napoleonic Artillery 1812-15 are currently being tooled. The Ancient Spanish are waiting to be tooled and we are busy working on Samnites, Macedonians and war elephants. More details on all these products to follow.

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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