Unarmoured Samnites

October 01, 2015

Today's news is all about the next releases after the Ancient Spanish. In a nutshell we will release unarmoured Samnites, armoured Samnites, Macedonian pikemen, Carthaginian war elephants and Numidian cavalry.

The Samnites and Macedonians will follow a similar format to the Carthaginian Citizen Infantry. Each sprue/frame will contain 4 bodies but will also include numerous head and arm options so that there is plenty of scope for variety. The sprue/frame will also contain var...ious weapons including swords, standard bearer arms, musician arms and various javelins. This means that all the required command figures can be built from this single frame. This works well for Victrix because it means we can speed up releases as there is less to design and tool. It also avoids having to either build a separate command frame and also does away with the need for separate command figures manufactured in white metal.

Steve will continue to support the new releases with Little Big Men Studios shield transfers.

We will probably sell these sets with 24 to 28 figures per set but as yet no firm decision has been made.

I would also iterate that this new format will not apply to all future releases. For instance should we decide to release ACW infantry or Early Imperial Romans (just teasing) or something similar we would almost certainly move back to larger frames with more figures and other components. The smaller frame allows us to speed up the release of less complex subject matter such as the Samnites.

I hope to be able to show off the armoured Samnites in the not too distant future.

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