Armoured Samnites

October 17, 2015

I have just received the first renders of the armoured Samnites. There are only 2 images to show at present but detailed turn arounds will follow on Monday. Both armoured and unarmoured Samnites are now off to the tool room. Work will now commence on the 2 sets of Macedonian pikemen, one set for Alexander and Philip and one set for Macedonian Successor pikemen.

The Successor pikemen will feature more fanciful helmets and can be used for Seleucid, later Antigonid and Pyrrhic a...rmies. These are ideal for fighting our Republican Romans and Ancient Greeks. They are also ideal for fighting ancient Persians, hint, hint.

Finally a reminder that the 30% off deal finishes at midnight (British time) tomorrow (Sunday). Any orders over £35 will receive 30% if they enter


in the discount box at the check out stage.

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