New deal and details of the 3 Macedonian sets

November 04, 2015

From today for 1 week only we are running a 25% off deal on all orders over £50. Just type


into the discount box at the checkout stage.

The new Napoleonic French Artillery 1812-15 should be out the week after next. Test shots and a bit of engraving on the frame is all that is required now. This means the first of the Ancient Spanish sets will go straight into stage where we physically cut the tool as all the CAD work is nearly complete.

The images below will give you a sneak preview of the new Macedonian sets that will be released late Spring 2016. By making various changes to elements of this set we will be able to offer our customers 3 distinct sets:

  1. Macedonian pikemen including horse tail crests to create elite units.
  2. Late Successor pikemen with later style Hellinistic helmets.
  3. Hypaspists that will also include Corinthian helmets, always very popular.


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