Limited edition shield transfer and free postage


The new 1812-15 Napoleonic French Artillery is likely to be out in the next week to 10 days. Before this new set is released we will run a post free deal for 1 week only, finishing next Sunday 29th November.

For all orders over £50.00 we will ship post free anywhere in the world. Please note the offer only applies to orders OVER £50.00. To qualify just type:


in the discount box when checking out.

In addition Steve has produced a fantastic new limited edition Hoplite shield transfer sheet. For every box of ancients purchased you will receive a free transfer sheet. Purchase 4 boxes of our ancients and you will receive 4 limited edition shield transfer sheets.

The shield is not based on an actual design but is a hypothetical design inspired by the story of Greek Mercenaries who fought for the Corinthian general Timoleon against the Carthaginians in Sicily, decisively beating the Carthaginian army at the battle of the River Krimisos in 341BC.

Some of his mercenaries are said to have had elaborate purple painted shields inlaid with Ivory, gold and amber. They were highly paid and some would have been a picked Guard.

This sheet is only going to be available for the deal and then it’s gone.

Finally as a reminder I have posted some images of our Ancients range to remind everyone how good our miniatures really are.


Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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