New Macedonian Successor renders

Here we have some images of the Successor phalanx. There are plenty of head variants in this set with multiple crest options. They include Attic, Pylos and Thracian styles that work for Antigonid, Pyrrhic, Seleucid and Ptolmaic Successors or later Hellenistic Greek armies. Mixed with the heads available from the Alexandrian Macedonian phalanx set there will be an enormous amount of options.

There will be  trousered leg options of legs attached to bases that can be used to replace the legs of the phalangite models and make them into Eastern trained Phalangites as used by the Seleucids and Mithridates VI of Pontus.

Images of those Eastern Phalangite conversion options will be shown next week along with the Hypaspist models. The Hypaspist set will depict the Hypaspists in linothorax with Hoplite shield and long thrusting spear. Very much like Greek Hoplites. We decided to include some Corinthian style helmets with crest options in the set to give it multiple uses as Greek Hoplites at the ready.


Stephen Hales
Stephen Hales


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