Ancient Spanish sets nearing release

The first set will be the armoured Spanish comprising 40 figures with a mix of spears, 2 types of sword (the falcata and gladius hispaniensis) and 2 types of shield (scutarii and caetra). The mix of weapons and shields will allow customers a very flexible approach to building their Ancient Spanish units with a nice balance between heavy and light troops.

Steve at LittleBigMenStudios w...ill be producing a range of Spanish shield transfers to compliment the range.

Following on from the armoured troops we will then release 12 man set of Balearic slingers, essential for softening up the Roman units opposing your Spanish/Carthaginian armies. This set will only be available direct from Victrix.

The final release will be unarmoured Ancient Spanish infantry before we move on to the Samnites.

Julian Blakeney-Edwards
Julian Blakeney-Edwards


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