Ancient Iberian test shots due Wednesday this week

February 08, 2016

We have been informed by our tooling company that we will receive test shots of the Ancient Iberian (Spanish) on Wednesday. All being well with the test shots the first release:

VXA012 Ancient Unarmoured Iberian Warriors

will go on sale at the end of the week. The other 2 sets, Armoured Warriors and Balearic slingers will not be far behind. Please note that the Balearic Slingers set will only be available direct from Victrix as we will not be selling this code to the trade.


To accompany the new Iberian sets, Steve, at LittleBigMenStudios has scheduled an initial release of 4 shield transfer sheets, 2 for the round shields and 2 for the oval shields. Both shield types are included in each of the Iberian Warrior sets.

Steve has also stated that there will be further Iberian shield transfer sheets released in the future.


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