Ancient Iberian Cavalry plus other news

March 11, 2016

Responses to the last post raised a few questions about various subjects and I will try and deal with these in this thread

But before I do this I want to share with everyone images of the finished Ancient Iberian Cavalry. The release date is uncertain at present but I would expect sometime over the summer. The set will be made up of 3 horses and 3 riders but with lots of head, creast, and arm options so there will be plenty of scope for ensuring every figure and horse looks u...nique. We will probably sell it in sets of 12 figures.

There are many posts about what people would like us to produce and in an ideal world we would produce everything requested and give the sets away free of charge. However, we live in the real world and therefore time and commercial reality will dictate what we produce and how quickly it can be done. Nevertheless, I will confirm the following:

1. We have not abandoned Napoleonics and I have already discussed with the Head of Design both mounted and foot sets to be worked on in the autumn. More news later.

2. I am hoping to announce a new range of Ancients sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. This new series of sets are already being worked on but I want to wait for an image of the first render before making an announcement. I noted that there has been much speculation on TMP with some potential good ideas and some not so good.

3. WWI will remain on hold for the foreseable future due to technical reasons.

4. Reworking our non digital sets is possible but not commercially sensible so I am afraid Napoleonic Dutch Sappers will not happen.

5. Taking a digital model and turning it into something that can be moulded in metal is not practical so I am afraid Campanian cavalry is also a non starter.

6. Someone asked why I had not shown the illustration of the Iberian Cavalry artwork. We have only just finished the digital sculpting and these "renders" will be used as the basis for the artwork. Be patient and all in good time.

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