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June 18, 2015


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Waterloo 200 Deal, 25% off until Saturday

The Waterloo 200 year anniversary will be marked over the weekend. In recognition of this landmark date Victrix will be running a short sales campaign until Saturday evening.

Enter the discount code Waterloo1815 at the checkout stage on the online shop and you will have 25% discounted from all 28mm Napoleonic products.

June 10, 2015


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French artillery on sale next week

Well we finally have some test frames of the French artillery 1804 to 1812 in our hands. Steve was busily sticking some together yesterday afternoon so we can show you some pre release images.

The detail on these little beauties is fantastic as we have come to expect from Emel who has done a great job on these (his first non Ancient set for us)

As stated these are test frames. These are the first off the press and so have some flashing issues, a few sink holes and some parts not filling properly. This is always the case first off and the next few days will be spent by the toolmakers widening some gates and balancing the tool pressure and plastic flow. This is an important part of the process between us and the tool room as we stick figures together and go over them with a detailed eye and feed back to the tool room guys.

We are particularly pleased with the fit and detail of the coat tail/sword bayonet/cartridge box pieces. These are all one piece (Hurrah!) and plug into the backsides of the figures (Ouch!) and really easy to fit together. It makes a real difference when you can see a gap between the coat tail and the back of the leg giving the figures a more 3d appearance then before.

The cannons themselves are an absolute piece of cake to stick together 12 parts if you want to use the ammo box or 9 parts if not. The detail of the crests on the barrels is superb and really nice wood grain texture make these some wonderful bits of modelling. You have a choice of 8 or 12 pounder barrel. We have done the end of the barrel as a tube cap so it gives you a hole in the end of the gun which looks great.

 We hope to have them on pre order by the end of the week and will show you some proper sprue shots and more detailed close ups once the tool room guys have worked their magic.

June 02, 2015


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Free worldwide shipping for 1 week only

We had confirmation today that we will have test shots of the Napoleonic French Artillery 1804-1812 by the end of this wee. This means we will probably have this set ready for pre order towards the end of this week. Steve is busy working on a small giveaway for all those customers that place pre orders for the artillery.

Whilst we wait for this exciting new set we have decided to have another worldwide post free deal for the next 7 days that is applicable to all our plastic p...roducts with a minimum order value of £25.00.

To qualify for free postage you must enter the discount code FREEPOST at the check out stage of the shopping cart.

Remember no discount code, no free post.

The multi box accumulator discount still applies even with the free post offer, so now is a great time to stock up on our great quality figure sets.



May 30, 2015


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Punic Wars Spanish digital renders

We have some new images of the Ancient Spanish sets we are working on at present. The sets, Iberian Scutarii/Caetratii, Balearic slingers and Celtiberians are coming along nicely and as you can see Emel is doing a fantastic job. The detail is superb and they are going to be some of our most dynamic figure sets to date. We really wanted a feeling of movement and action for these releases and they will look fantastic in a charging battle line.

The renders show just a few of the head and weapon variants, more arm and head options will be available. In the next couple of weeks we should be able to show you the officer and standard bearer.

There is no definite release date as yet but we will keep you updated as we receive progress reports.

Steve will be doing an extensive range of shield transfers.

May 16, 2015


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Limited Edition Rude Roman shield transfers offer 17th to 24th May

Steve has been busy over the past few days working on some very rude Roman shield transfers!

We have evidence from Pompeii of some very lurid graffiti displaying male and female parts and insults. So we thought it is not too much of a stretch of the imagination that a bored legionary in camp, feeling a bit potty mouthed towards his Carthaginian foe might scrawl a few insults on his shield. Suffice to say the Carthaginian warrior who can read Latin would feel very aggrieved for his Mother and his livestock looking at this ensemble of filth!

These transfers are limited edition and will only be available for a week. Starting from Sunday 17th May to Sunday 24th May.  For every box of our Ancient ranges that you buy, be it Roman, Carthaginian or Greek you receive one of these fantastic Limited edition sheets (You can’t buy them separately)

Not having gone to Public school Steve freely admits his Latin may not pass muster down the Bullingdon club. If you want to know what some of the phrases are in English simply type them into Google translate.

April 30, 2015


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Victrix/Aventine infantry and cavalry combo deals now back in stock

We have had a restock of Republican Roman Cavalry from Aventine so the combination deals are now back on the shopping cart.

Deal 1 VXAV001      2 x Roman Legionary boxes and 1 x 12 pack of Aventine cavalry only £80.

Deal 2 VXAV002      4 x Roman Legionary boxes and 2 x 12 pack of Aventine cavalry only £155


April 30, 2015


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