French Elite infantry transfer sheet

This sheet has transfers to cover carteidge boxes for line Grenadiers, Line Voltigeurs and Line Chasseurs. 216 transfers in total, enough to cover 6 units of 36.

These transfer sheets have been designed by Steve Hales of Little Big Men Studios. If you are not familiar with Steve transfer methode just follow these instructions.

The area the transfer is to be applied to should be painted white

Cut out the transfer

Peel off the plastic protective layer

Turn the transfer over so you see the paper side and stick the sticky surface side to the model. Lightly move into place. If you get it wrong, as long as you don?t press hard you can peel off and re-stick. Once happy with the placement press on firmly.

Wet the paper side, wait 20 seconds and slide off paper revealing the transfer design. (Also whilst the paper is wet you can use the wetness time to press the transfer firmly into creases such as you will find on the shako covers)

Paint around the transfer to blend it to the figure.