Limited Edition Print of a Hawker Typhoon 1B No 198 Squadron Normandy 1944.

This limited edition print of a Hawker Typhoon 1B No 198 Squadron Normandy 1944 was created by famed aviation artist James Baldwin.

Prints measure 42.5cm by 30cm or A3 in plain man's language.

The Typhoon or "Tiffy" had a difficult start when introduced by the RAF in 1942. It had originally been conceived as a high altitude fighter but constant problems with the Sabre engine resulted in it being named the "7 ton brute".

However, a persistent design team gradually ironed out many initial problems and the Typhoon began to make a real name for itself as a low level ground attack aircraft. It carried a potent weapons mix of four 20mm cannons and a choice of rockets or bombs. Combining this with a low level of nigh on 400mph and very stable flying features made it the perfect gun platform.

In the words of one Typhoon pilot of No609 Squadron describing the "Tiffy".

"It was used initially to tackle low flying FW190 hit and run raiders pecking around the south east coast. Our Typhoons overtook these 190s like bats out of hell and then blew them out of the sky with our 20mm cannon. The snag was that our lousy Sabre engines could be very temperamental and engine failure at 380mph at less than 200 feet altitude was hardly a laughing matter. It was an ever present nagging worry to the pilots but we just pressed on and trusted our ground crews."

Limited to 200 copies this is a bargain for any serious aviation art collector.