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Späte Sachsen / Anglo Danes

Das späte Saxon / Anglo Dane Set enthält 60 hervorragende detaillierte Miniaturen.

Die Sachsen fielwiegend infanterie Armeen. Die Kavallerie sind umstritten, aber sie waren gute Reiter und würden manchmal zum Kampf fahren und gehen. Aber dieses Set repräsentiert den harten sächsischen Fyrd zu Fuß. Sie haben gepanzerte und nicht aufbewahrte Figuren im Set.

Die gepanzerten Figuren, die mehr gut aus- und ausgerüstet sind, wählen Sie Fyrd oder Theigns aus. Die Unbewohner repräsentieren den Standard, der nicht so gut von Fyrd ist, sondern immer noch mit einem sticken Schild und Sortiment von Helmen und Speeren, Schwertern und Sachsen ausgestattet. Handachsen wurden in diesem Set nicht aufgenommen, nicht, da die Sächse keine Handachsen verwenden, sondern weil der Wikinger-Set eine Fülle von Ersatzhandachsen hat. Sie können viele davon mit dem neuen sächsischen Set verwenden.

Der Befehlsrahmen verfügt über einen Mönch und einige gepanzerte Krieger, die als Kommandeure, Standardträger und auch, wenn sie mit doppelten Dane-Achsen genutzt werden können, als anglo dänische Huscarls ausgestattet werden können.


Was ist in der Box?

60 x Figuren

6 x Krieger-Hauptrahmen

2 x Befehlsrahmen

14 x Körperoptionen (einschließlich gepanzerter, ungeheuerter und religiöser Roben)

22 x Kopfoptionen (einschließlich Helme, Hüte und Umhanghauben)

2 x Mönche

7 x Schildeoptionen (einschließlich abgerundeter und Kite-Schilde)

7 x Waffenoptionen (einschließlich einzelhändiger Achsen, doppelte Äxte, Schwerter, Clubs, Speere und Speer)

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Zach Stanton

Fantastic minis. Great for middle earth

Rory Hutcheson
Some of Victrix’s best so far!

Victrix’s “Dark Age”/Early Medieval range is pretty stellar across the board, and these models are no exception. The set includes a grand total of 60 models- 30 in chainmail (including a couple from the “command” sprue that have cloaks moulded in), 2 in scale mail, 6 in gambeson, 20 unarmoured troops, and a pair of monks. There are a large variety of heads in the box, with enough metal helms for everyone and some bare or hooded heads too. Some figures have the heads moulded as one part with the rest of the torso in order to accurately represent a chainmail coif without any obvious seams, although these also have separate interchangeable helmets. Each figure has the option of either a spear or a “hand weapon,” in this case a one handed sword or seax. Every model also has a round shield, and there are also enough kite shields for roughly 3/4 of the models in the box. The shields are of course separate, so can be omitted if you wish- unlike some other kits, there aren’t straps moulded on to the shield arms, so they won’t look too off if you decide not to include them. Parts are also mostly interchangeable with the Viking, Archer, and Norman sets, which allows a considerable amount of versatility if you mix parts from different kits. In addition, while the models are described as “Late Saxons/Anglo-Danes,” I believe they can also be used for most European armies from the early Medieval period, sometimes with a little modification required. From a wargaming perspective, they should be able to represent a variety of different early Medieval troop types depending on which armament you use, whether you include shields, and of course whether you use figures with mail or not- for games like Hail Caesar, the box includes enough parts to at least make, for example, a full sized unit of heavy infantry *and* a full sized unit of light/medium infantry, with extra models left over for commanders and the like! There’s also a “skirmish pack” available which contains the same sprues, but only half as many, for games which don’t need as many models.

The details and moulding quality are exceptional, arguably the best in plastic in this scale at time of writing, which also makes them a joy to paint! Overall, I really struggle to find anything negative to say about these, or the entire “Dark Ages” range for that matter. Highly recommend!

Joseph Meadows
Great set with many options

I got these guys for kitbashing with Late Romans to make an Arnor force in MESBG and I love them. I've actually started to consider playing historical games now too since Victrix does a grand job at their sets. A few people on here say that the poses can be limited and I see where they're coming from but if you get a little creative with your figures you won't have any repeats. I've cut off hands and equipment and mixed and matched all these little parts glueing them back together and I've made some really neat looking dudes. Given, you don't actually need to do all that to make lots of unique figures since the options are already so great! I'm actually really happy with it so if you're considering purchasing them, you won't regret it!

Fabien LE PUIL

Late Saxons/Anglo Danes

Pat Hamill
Late Saxons/Anglo Danes review

I haven't built these yet but the sculpts are next level. Can't wait to get started on them!