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Late Saxons/Anglo Danes

The Late Saxon/Anglo Dane set contains 60 superbly detailed miniatures.

This exceptional 60 figure set of 28mm hard plastic saxons has superbly detailed figures and a myriad of additional parts allowing hundreds of options when building the figures. Perfect for skirmish games such as SAGA.

This set is fully supported by a range of shield transfers and banner sheets from LBMS.

The armoured figures representing more well off and equipped select Fyrd or Theigns. The Unarmoured represent the standard not so well off Fyrd but still equipped with a stout shield and assortment of helmets and spears, swords and Saxes. Hand axes have not been included in this set not because the Saxons did not use hand axes but because the Viking set has a plethora of spare hand axes. You can use a lot of these with the new Saxon set.

The command frame has a monk and some armoured warriors that can be used as commanders, standard bearers and also when equipped with double handed Dane axes as Anglo Danish Huscarls.


Whats in the box?

60 x figures

6 x Warrior Main Frames

2 x Command Frames

14 x Body options (including armoured, unarmoured and religious robes)

22 x Head options (including helmets, hats and cloak hoods)

2 x Monks

7 x Shields options (including rounded and kite shields)

7 x Weapon options (including single handed axes, double handed axes, swords, clubs, spears and javelins)

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Jan Carlos Dominguez

Late Saxons/Anglo Danes

Bryan Swarms
Fantastic molds, great game!

Recently picked these models up and I have to say they are wonderful made!

Nick Roberts
Amazing plastic

Some of the best and most detailed plastic kits I have ever had the pleasure of making and painting. Keep it up!

Zach Stanton

Fantastic minis. Great for middle earth

Rory Hutcheson
Some of Victrix’s best so far!

Victrix’s “Dark Age”/Early Medieval range is pretty stellar across the board, and these models are no exception. The set includes a grand total of 60 models- 30 in chainmail (including a couple from the “command” sprue that have cloaks moulded in), 2 in scale mail, 6 in gambeson, 20 unarmoured troops, and a pair of monks. There are a large variety of heads in the box, with enough metal helms for everyone and some bare or hooded heads too. Some figures have the heads moulded as one part with the rest of the torso in order to accurately represent a chainmail coif without any obvious seams, although these also have separate interchangeable helmets. Each figure has the option of either a spear or a “hand weapon,” in this case a one handed sword or seax. Every model also has a round shield, and there are also enough kite shields for roughly 3/4 of the models in the box. The shields are of course separate, so can be omitted if you wish- unlike some other kits, there aren’t straps moulded on to the shield arms, so they won’t look too off if you decide not to include them. Parts are also mostly interchangeable with the Viking, Archer, and Norman sets, which allows a considerable amount of versatility if you mix parts from different kits. In addition, while the models are described as “Late Saxons/Anglo-Danes,” I believe they can also be used for most European armies from the early Medieval period, sometimes with a little modification required. From a wargaming perspective, they should be able to represent a variety of different early Medieval troop types depending on which armament you use, whether you include shields, and of course whether you use figures with mail or not- for games like Hail Caesar, the box includes enough parts to at least make, for example, a full sized unit of heavy infantry *and* a full sized unit of light/medium infantry, with extra models left over for commanders and the like! There’s also a “skirmish pack” available which contains the same sprues, but only half as many, for games which don’t need as many models.

The details and moulding quality are exceptional, arguably the best in plastic in this scale at time of writing, which also makes them a joy to paint! Overall, I really struggle to find anything negative to say about these, or the entire “Dark Ages” range for that matter. Highly recommend!