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CLASH of Spears - Hardcover Rulebook

CLASH of Spears allows you to play raids and skirmishes in ancient times using small forces of 30 or more figures per side. This fast-paced game demands constant attention from all players as they alternate using their commanders to push units into battle. However, be careful not to drive your soldiers to exhaustion and plan every move since enemies are always ready to interrupt your actions and try to thwart your plans.

This book includes all the rules needed to play the game as well as five encounter scenarios reflecting common types of engagements. The book also includes lists for you to build forces for the different nations engaged at war between the fourth and second century BC in the Western Mediterranean:  Republican Romans, Carthaginians, Gauls, Ligurians, Samnites, Etruscans, Campanians, Iberians, Celtiberians, Lusitanians, Sicilian Greeks, Southern Italy Greeks, Numidians and Pyrrhic armies.

CLASH of spears is a fast paced, warband level, wargame to be played in 4’ by 4’ tables over 1 to 3 hours. It has been designed to be fast and intuitive, while providing realistic feel, tactical depth and high impact decision making.

Gritty and personal, CLASH relies on command points and fatigue management to represent the chaos and desperation of small scale conflict.  Skills and traits are used to represent the different  specialties and fighting styles of the ancient world.

CLASH moves away from the massed ranks approach of traditional ancients rule sets. It has been thought of specifically for small actions, allowing units to close and open ranks as needed, and according to their preferred fighting style.

Very much a game designed by wargamers for wargamers CLASH is able to achieve tactical depth through the value of combination of arms and terrain management, rather than resorting to board game mechanics and game specific external aids.

Check out the youtube tutorial here

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Daniel F
A Clashing Good Time

I'm rather new to the wargaming hobby and I wanted an ancients ruleset which offers some challenge without getting needlessly bogged down in minutiae. Clash of Spears ticks these boxes while also offering some interesting mechanics which rewards good decisions, punishes bad ones and all the while still remaining fun. The ruleset actively encourages fielding a varied force and the interaction between light and heavily armoured troops, terrain and fatigue adds a good level of complexity. I've played a couple small games with my wife thus far and look forward to improving on my understanding of the rules and playing larger games in the near future. I'm glad I purchased Clash of Spears and if you're looking for a ruleset covering skirmishes to smaller battles, this is worth checking out.

Alistair Collins
First time Ancients Skirmish player

Rulebook is crisply presented and well laid out.

Lee Ironside
Probably the best ancient skirmish rules out there

I did alot of research before buying Clash of Spears and looked at several other systems which were good in their own right, but which Clash stood head and shoulders above. I wanted something that got the tactical mind whirring, and Clash's fatigue, action point and command point system was exactly what I was looking for. A simple enough system but with enough options and nuances to make every game engaging and enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Dynamic Play

Playing with this game rule keeps you engaged and on your toes.

Bart Joosten
Top game for beginners and expert gamers

Easy and quick to learn the rules . Fast dynamic of game play for bought the players , you will never get bored during the game. And the victrix model make the game more realistic. Great job