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Late Saxons/Anglo Danes

The Late Saxon/Anglo Dane set contains 60 superbly detailed miniatures.

The Saxons fielded mostly infantry armies. Cavalry are disputed but they were good horsemen and would sometimes ride to battle as well as walk. But this set represent the hardy Saxon Fyrd on foot. You have armoured and unarmoured figures in the set.

The armoured figures representing more well off and equipped select Fyrd or Theigns. The Unarmoured represent the standard not so well off Fyrd but still equipped with a stout shield and assortment of helmets and spears, swords and Saxes. Hand axes have not been included in this set not because the Saxons did not use hand axes but because the Viking set has a plethora of spare hand axes. You can use a lot of these with the new Saxon set.

The command frame has a monk and some armoured warriors that can be used as commanders, standard bearers and also when equipped with double handed Dane axes as Anglo Danish Huscarls.


Whats in the box?

60 x figures

6 x Warrior Main Frames

2 x Command Frames

14 x Body options (including armoured, unarmoured and religious robes)

22 x Head options (including helmets, hats and cloak hoods)

2 x Monks

7 x Shields options (including rounded and kite shields)

7 x Weapon options (including single handed axes, double handed axes, swords, clubs, spears and javelins)

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Jean-charles LEMOND
Late Saxons/Anglo Danes Minis

Great stuff, as usual from Victrix, congratulations.

Maxim Simonov
Great miniatures

Historical miniatures of excellent quality. Very happy as customer. Will definitely buy again!

Brian Abela
Mixed results for Late Anglo Danes Infantry

At first look the set seems amazing. However, during the painting process is where some serious issues arise. The assembly is relatively straight forward but awkward to build for some units. The built models are very fragile as the plastic parts forming the spears and swords are extremely fragile. I am concerned about there ability to hold up during use. Another issue is the quality of the sculpts, it is hit or miss. Some have great detail, others lacking. For example, hair and chainmail detailing. What seems to the be the biggest issue is the mold lines down the top of the shoulders across the chainmail bodies. Removing the lines causing the chainmail effect to be lost, which in turn is very difficult to cover up with a paint effect. The shoulders are prominent when viewing the models! There certainly is value to be had for the amount of figures in this set. You can build a complete 6 point SAGA army. One final thought, while there is some very good detail on the models, some of it is so small that it will not show or contrast even if painted correctly. In other words wasted sculpting and wasted effort in trying to make it work with paint effects. While I may seem to have a negative view of this set, overall it is very nice. I really like the pre-made transfers offered but the price seemed really high.

Chris Gregory

Great models

Andrew Tull
Review of Late Saxon/Anglo Danes

Figures are beautiful but are complicated to put together with certain arms that are described as being able to use on the figures looking very odd. Also the packet that was sent to me, due to the amount of figures squeezed into it, the sprues ended up being very bent. Overall awesome will be buying more