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Welcome to Victrix

Victrix manufacture 28mm hard plastic British and French Napoleonic figures. Buy direct online, quality Waterloo, Peninsular war and World War II miniatures.

We also have 54mm British and will be adding French soon. To date we have 11 plastic boxed sets including Highlander, Grenadier Guard and British Napoleonic Foot Artillery. The plastics are fully backed up with a full range of transfers and flag sheets.

The Last Post

First images of French artillery

December 09, 2014

As promised we thought we would start showing you some renders of the French Artillery set we are working on. I am sure you will agree Emel is doing a stunning job on these figures.

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Plastic Republican Roman Unit Photos

August 15, 2014

We have a few images for you showing the figures pieced together in units. More photos will follow soon when we get more frames to play with from the Factory.

The images show the heavies ranking up together rather nicely on Victrix 40mm by 40mm bases and the Velites are skirmishing in front mounted on Victrix 20mm by 20mm bases.

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