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Victrix manufacture 28mm hard plastic British and French Napoleonic figures. Buy direct online, quality Waterloo or Peninsular war miniatures. We also have 54mm British and will be adding French soon. To date we have 11 plastic boxed sets including Highlander, Grenadier Guard and British Napoleonic Foot Artilery. The plastics are fully backed up with a full range of metal figures and flag sheets.

You can buy from us direct online securely through our Online Shop via PayPal or Sage Pay. We will also welcome telephone orders by credit cards or cheques.

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Check the news pages to see some update images from our forthcoming Carthaginian boxed set.

Here at Victrix we have a fantastic summer special offer for you! We have a wonderful 3 for 4 box deal running from 2nd July to midnight on 31st July.

How does it work?

Simply order one of our already great value 3 box deals and you can choose another box of equivalent price absolutely free. Just let us know which box you want in your order comments box or by telephone or email.

We are also offering you the opportunity to get our new Greek Peltasts and Unarmoured Hoplites as part of this superb deal also.

If you order 3 boxes of our new Greek sets you can choose another box of the new Greeks totally free! And not only do you get a free box we are also giving you 2 extra sprues of archers or slingers. Just let us know in your order comments box which of the boxes you want as your freebie and also whether you want archers or slingers or both! As your 2 free sprues.

These deals are going to save you an absolute bundle. Over £30 savings before postage has even been applied (which is quite a considerable amount these days)

So this summer take advantage of our generous offer and get yourself a load of quality figures from Victrix.



We are really pleased to announce the release of our 2 New Greek plastic boxed sets.

‘Greek Unarmoured Hoplites and archers’ and ‘Greek Peltasts and slingers’


Each set contains 48 Hoplites or Peltasts/Javelin men and 8 archers or slingers totalling an incredible 56 high quality figures per box. Each box is priced at £29.95 which equates to 53p per figure!

The figures a truly superb, and we feel these are some of our best figures to date. The proportions are more naturalistic without veering away too much from the style wargamers have come to expect. The muscle tone, cloth and facial detail on these figures is fantastic and combined with some great animation they really will look splendid on the gaming table.

Below are some samples of the Hoplites Charles Baynon is painting for us. He has done a fantastic job.Can't wait to see the Pletasts and other light troops he is painting for us!

Steve has been busy gluing figures together and working on some brand new transfer sheets. We have 3 sheets of Peltast designs and 2 new Hoplite sheets. At present we have 17 sheets of Hoplite designs = 272 shield transfers, 2 sheets of shield aprons = 32 designs and 3 sheets for the Peltasts = 48 designs. More Peltast sheets will be added after Salute is out of the way.

We are thrilled with t =he results of our first venture into digital sculpting and manufacture. It has taken a long time getting here but we feel it was worth the wait and we know you will think so too once you see the figures in your hands.

We should have the Pletasts tomorrow and we will be busy piecing figures together to show you.

We received some test frames of the Greek un-armoured Hoplites on Friday. We are due to receive the test frames of the Peltasts, archers and slingers on Monday. We will have some photos of these once we stick some together. Julian was supposed to have done some photos of the Hoplites but is a bit under the weather at present so they will get done this week when he is well enough.

I did manage to stick a few together and could not resist painting some.

We could not be happier with the results. The detail is lovely and crisp, the fit and function is spot on and I must say I have never had such clean test frames. Hardly any mould lines or flash to speak of. A couple of bits need sorting before production starts but overall extremely happy.

We will add more of an update and newsletter in the next few days.











Stephen Hales & Julian Blakeney-Edwards

Victrix Limited


Salute 2014

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