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Victrix manufacture 28mm hard plastic British and French Napoleonic figures. Buy direct online, quality Waterloo or Peninsular war miniatures. We also have 54mm British and will be adding French soon. To date we have 11 plastic boxed sets including Highlander, Grenadier Guard and British Napoleonic Foot Artilery. The plastics are fully backed up with a full range of metal figures and flag sheets.

You can buy from us direct online securely through our Online Shop via PayPal or Sage Pay. We will also welcome telephone orders by credit cards or cheques.

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Latest News

The Carthaginian tooling is well under way. We will update you on the projected release date for these 2 sets. We will also show you some updates of the Spanish and Numidian sets we will be releasing in 2015.

And finally we have some images of the French Napoleonic artillery we are working on. Release will be as early as possible in the New Year. At present we are only showing you the pre 1812 set but we are working on a later French artillery set with year XI guns and Bardin regulation uniforms.

So as you can see it is already shaping up to be quite a busy first quarter of the New Year we have planned! With lots more to follow through 2015.

Thanks to all our customers for your support, It really is appreciated.

Steve and Julian

15mm,1/100th scale aircraft kits out now!



Carthaginian sculpting completed and all models are now at the tooling stage. Early 2015 release expected

We are really please to be able to reveal all the figures for our forthcoming Carthaginian boxed sets. Everything is now complete and is now being tooled. The main frame and command frame are well under way but they won't be ready for Christmas we have been informed. As early as we can in the New Year is all we can say at present but we will give you a more definite timeline in the beginning of 2015.

The first set is Warriors of Carthage'. This will be a 62 figure set comprising of 21 Veterans in mail. 21 Libyan spearmen in Lino-thorax armour. 14 Libyan javelin men plus 6 command figures of officers, standard bearers and musicians.

The second set is 'Citizens of Carthage. This is a small 24 figure set giving you 21 Citizens plus officer, standard bearer and musician.

The Carthaginian Citizen levy were called out in dire emergency when the homeland was being invaded. They fought in the second line with the Libyan Spearmen at Zama and put up a stiff fight.

Citizens of the Carthaginian cities in Spain were also called out on occasion.

The figures are portrayed un-armoured but with a choice of long scutum or Thureos. There is no reason why a few armoured figures could not be mixed in to add more variety. These figures would also work very well as earlier Citizens fighting the Greeks of Syracuse, Carthaginian Marines and also as Phoenicians who fought Alexander the Great. Simply replace their shields with smaller round buckler styles.

We think these two sets will be fantastic! offering you a huge range of figures to fight the first and second Punic wars. We will show some updates of the Carthaginian allies we are working on in the New Year so keep checking the website!

We are really pleased to be able to offer you some fantastic new Roman army deals that include all the infantry and cavalry you need.

A few months back we were talking to Keith at Aventine Miniatures who said he and Adam were working on some new Republican Roman cavalry. Keith had seen our plastic Romans and Greeks and wanted to look at producing some figures that fill the gap between our plastic sets and their superb Metals range. The general size of Aventine sculpts fitted with our plastics but things like heads and hands were a little bigger than ours. These new cavalry they have produced have had their heads, hands and feet slightly reduced and from the photos you can see Adam has done a lovely job on the new cavalry packs and they fit in really well with our miniatures.

Now we won’t be selling individual packs of Aventine miniatures. We are only selling 12 man Roman cavalry unit packs with our Roman 2 and 4 box deals. If you want to buy single packs or just unit packs of cavalry buy them from Aventine miniatures direct.

Also please don’t assume we will not make cavalry in the future, but plastic cavalry are some time off yet and as we know Wargamers want their complete armies yesterday! These great cavalry figures from Aventine fill that much needed gap.

Our deals prices are worked out for UK, EU (European Union countries) and the ROW (The rest of the world) Select the appropriate deal that applies to where you live.

All our deals have postage factored in and overall give you a 20% saving on the items full price value.

Have a look at the break down of the deals and see what fantastic savings can be made.


This deal gives you 120 Roman infantry figures and 12 Roman heavy cavalry for £77. Normal retail price plus postage would be £96.90 saving you a massive £19.90!


This deal gives you 120 Roman infantry figures and 12 Roman heavy cavalry for £83. Normal   retail price plus postage would be £103.90 saving you a massive £20.90!


This deal gives you 120 Roman infantry figures and 12 Roman heavy cavalry for £90. Normal retail price plus postage would be £112.90 saving you a massive £22.90!


This deal gives you 240 Roman infantry figures and 24 Roman heavy cavalry for £151. Normal retail price plus postage would be £188.80 saving you a massive £37.80!


This deal gives you 240 Roman infantry figures and 24 Roman heavy cavalry for £165. Normal retail price plus postage would be £206.80 saving you a massive £41.80!


This deal gives you 240 Roman infantry figures and 24 Roman heavy cavalry for £179. Normal retail price plus postage would be £224.80 saving you a massive £45.80!


When ordering just tell us which of the 3 Roman boxes you want in the order comments box or by telephone or email.

These great bundle deals will give you everything you need for a Republican Roman army, heavy infantry, light infantry and cavalry.

We also have some rather splendid images of the Libyan Javelin-men figures from our forthcoming ‘Warriors of Carthage’ boxed set to show you. Emel has done a superb job on the posing and, character and detail on these figures. We wanted something a bit different to the normal view of Libyan light troops. People always go for the image from the ‘Macedonian and Punic wars’ book and give them all a Mohawk. Now we have used that hairstyle but we have also gone for other tribal hairstyles that were recorded. Hair just grown on the right, hair to the front and hair to the back. Some with beards and some without. Emel spent some time looking at Libyan and North African facial features and has done some great looking faces on these models we are sure you will agree.

We also reckon these figures will be able to be used for Sudan and also with a slight bit of conversion you can use them for Illyrians by adding some Greek style helmets.

More news on the Carthaginian Citizens next week.



Sorry for a lack of updates for the past few weeks. Things have been very busy with the release of the new Republican Romans which are proving to be very popular indeed!

We have some images of the Veteran spearmen to show you. Again Emel has done a superb job on these, combining captured Roman equipment with native Carthaginian helmets and weapons. With these figures we have gone for a bit more dynamism in the poses. They will stil be able to be ranked up easily due to the shorter spears used by Carthage and the hands can be rotated in the wrists to be leveled or upright for variety and movement.There will be a few different arm poses as well not shown here.

Emel is over this week so I can finalise a few points with him and then they are off to the toolmakers on Friday. Tooling work is progressing nicely with the command frame and Libyan spearmen in linothorax.

We will show you the Libyan javelin men next week.

Coming hot on the heels of our 3 Republican Roman releases we are pleased to show you some more progress with our Carthaginian set.

These are due to start tooling in a few weeks time so all going well we may have a Christmas release for these but if that does not transpire it will be soon after in the new-year.

In the 3d renders we are showing you the variations that can be achieved with the Libyan spearmen in lino-thorax armour. We will have many head options so you can make the unit as varied as you like and yet they will still be really easy to piece together.

In the title image you can see the command figures of officer, standard bearer and musician. These have been slightly tweaked since we last showed you these, a few minor points have been enhanced to give even greater depth of detail. For those of you who have seen our plastic Romans in the flesh (so to speak!) you will know the superb level of detail we have achieved on those figures, these will be on a par if not better. One of our aims is to improve with every new set we release.

Next up will be images of the Veterans and Libyan javelin men plus Citizens in knee length tunics.

Steve will also be working on a full range of transfers for these as well as adding to the extensive Roman and Greek designs.

Republican Roman sets 1,2 and 3 are now on sale.


We are really pleased to announce the release of our Third set of Republican Romans ‘Rome’s Italian allied Legions’.


This is a superb set of figures. The detail is wonderful and crisp and will make painting a real pleasure. You get 60 figures in the box for only £29.95 including plastic command, light infantry and plenty of head options.

These figures represent Italian Allied legions before they totally adopted Roman equipment They add a real visual difference to your Roman armies making it easy to distinguish your Italian legions. They can also be mixed in with the previous 2 sets to give you a fantastic variety of dress and equipment (Roman armies were not as homogenous and uniform as some people mistakenly think!)

Not only can they be used as Rome’s allies you can make Oscan warriors from these figures by swapping shields and heads here and there with the Victrix Greek sets. Brutians, Campanian Hoplites and un-armoured Italians if you use the Velite bodies can all be made from these figures creating a whole range of foes to fight the might of Rome. (We will show some of the conversion potential soon)


We really hope you like these figures as we are overjoyed with the results. Our figures are just getting better and better with every release.

The 3 Roman sets are all on sale now and we have 2 fantastic multi-box post free worldwide deals for you.

We have posted some great new images of unit shots on our news page. Click on the image below to take you to the news page.

We now have some images to show you of the second Roman set of Romans in square pectoral armour.The detail is simply superb and we can't wait to get some back form the painters.

Steve has also been busy creating 14 new Republican Roman legionary transfer sheets. You get 16 legionary shiled designs and 2 round buckler designs for the musician and standard bearer. More wil be added to this range including desing for the Velites.

Follow the link below or click on the box images to go straight o the shopping cart and view the product descriptions.

Plastic command frames are just in from the tooling company. (And yes all the new images are of plastic figures) and the detail is fabulous. Our tooling company reckon they are the finest detailed figures they have done to date and they do sets for Warlord and Plastic Soldier Company as well, so quite an achievement for us!

Pectoral armour frames will be in on Monday or Tuesday. Pre orders will go up on Sunday evening.


We have some test frames through of the first plastic Romans set. The detail is fantastic! and we really couldn't be happier with the results. The Greeks are great and these are even better still. Steve has stuck a few together and pieced together a montage as we know you are eager to see these in the flesh/plastic. We wil get some better photos sorted in the week once the command frame and the Legionaries in Pectoral armour arrive. There a few little bits to sort out on the test shots but all very minor. We expect to go on sale the end of this week or early next week.

Just a quick sneak peek of the Carthaginian spearmen in linen armour Emel has been working on. Some more variants of these fabulous figures in the next week or so once Emel is back from Spain. Hopefully he is doing a bit of research as well as terrorising the locals in his Mankini!

A number of our customers have requested can they buy the new Greek archers and slingers in separate   packs? We were reluctant to do this for some time as it costs more in production time for these to be separated from the parent sets at the factory that makes our figures.

However we are nice guys here at Victrix and the constant emails were making us rock with our heads in our hands whimpering! We have caved in to the relentless pressure and will be selling the Greek archers and slingers in unit packs of 12 figures for £11.95.

These packs have now been added to the shopping cart.

Also we would like to remind you that the fantastic 4 for 3 box summer deal we are running at present ends on 31st July. So you still have a few days to take advantage of this very generous offer!

Check the news pages to see some update images from our forthcoming Carthaginian boxed set.





We are really pleased to announce the release of our 2 New Greek plastic boxed sets.

‘Greek Unarmoured Hoplites and archers’ and ‘Greek Peltasts and slingers’


Each set contains 48 Hoplites or Peltasts/Javelin men and 8 archers or slingers totalling an incredible 56 high quality figures per box. Each box is priced at £29.95 which equates to 53p per figure!

The figures a truly superb, and we feel these are some of our best figures to date. The proportions are more naturalistic without veering away too much from the style wargamers have come to expect. The muscle tone, cloth and facial detail on these figures is fantastic and combined with some great animation they really will look splendid on the gaming table.

Below are some samples of the Hoplites Charles Baynon is painting for us. He has done a fantastic job.Can't wait to see the Pletasts and other light troops he is painting for us!

Steve has been busy gluing figures together and working on some brand new transfer sheets. We have 3 sheets of Peltast designs and 2 new Hoplite sheets. At present we have 17 sheets of Hoplite designs = 272 shield transfers, 2 sheets of shield aprons = 32 designs and 3 sheets for the Peltasts = 48 designs. More Peltast sheets will be added after Salute is out of the way.

We are thrilled with t =he results of our first venture into digital sculpting and manufacture. It has taken a long time getting here but we feel it was worth the wait and we know you will think so too once you see the figures in your hands.

We should have the Pletasts tomorrow and we will be busy piecing figures together to show you.

We received some test frames of the Greek un-armoured Hoplites on Friday. We are due to receive the test frames of the Peltasts, archers and slingers on Monday. We will have some photos of these once we stick some together. Julian was supposed to have done some photos of the Hoplites but is a bit under the weather at present so they will get done this week when he is well enough.

I did manage to stick a few together and could not resist painting some.

We could not be happier with the results. The detail is lovely and crisp, the fit and function is spot on and I must say I have never had such clean test frames. Hardly any mould lines or flash to speak of. A couple of bits need sorting before production starts but overall extremely happy.

We will add more of an update and newsletter in the next few days.











Stephen Hales & Julian Blakeney-Edwards

Victrix Limited


Salute 2014

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