54mm Fast play Napoleonic rules

As successfully demonstrated at our participation game at Salute 2012


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March of Eagles artillery rules now available in English as a free download.

The March of Eagles Artillery Supplement - English DOC

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De mars van de adelaars, artillerie regels zijn nu gratis te downloaden.

De mars van de adelaars artillerie supplement - Nederlands PDF.


"MARCH OF EAGLES" regolamento per l'Artiglieria in Italiano, è ora disponibile come download gratuito

Supplemento Regole per l'Artiglieria di "MARCH OF EAGLES" - file PDF in Italiano

Unit of the Month

Victrix produce two sets of figures that let gamers and modellers create British units for the Peninsular War. The sets are VX0002 British Peninsular Centre Companies and VX0004 British Peninsular Flank Companies.

The “Bloody Eleventh” gained a reputation as a tough and courageous regiment through its actions during the Peninsular War. For further details about this regiment, please download the following article:

Victrix Regiment - The 11th Foot

The March of Eagles fast play rule set

Napoleonic Soldier

We commissioned Barry Hilton, League of Augsburg, to write a set of fast play Napoleonic rules. The rules are quick to learn, very realistic, extremely bloody and a game can easily be played within an evening. At present we are only publishing rules for infantry combat but we will be releasing supplements to cover artillery and cavalry.

These March of Eagles rules are included in each box of Victrix figures along with lots of cut out counters that are an aid to the rules. We have also included a very useful set of measuring devices within the sprue frame. 

The March of Eagles fast play rule set is also available as a free pdf download in A6 format. Simply right click the appropriate link below and 'save as':

UK flag The March of Eagles - REVISED (English)
French flag

La version Française de "March of Eagles" (la marche des aigles) est maintenant en téléchargement sur notre site.

La marche des Aigles (Française)

German flag

Den Download findet ihr hier: THE MARCH OF EAGLES Deutsch und später auch in Downloadbereich.

The March of Eagles (Deutsch)

Dutch flag

De Nederlandse versie van The March of Eagles (De mars van de adelaar) is nu te downloaden op onze site!

The March of Eagles (Nederlandse)


E' disponibile e scaricabile gratuitamente la Versione Italiano di "THE MARCH OF EAGLES". Clicca Qui per maggiori informazioni.

The March of Eagles (Italiano)




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