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Our Story

Our story

Victrix is one of the largest hobby miniatures companies in the world with our products enjoyed by wargamers from over 100 different countries. Players, painters, collectors and modellers can be found across the globe/in every corner of the world. Whatever one you are, you are also part of this truly international community.

So, how did we get here?

The story of Victrix began over 25 years ago in London. Our founder, Julian Blakeney-Edwards started out by designing, creating and selling plastic miniatures from his home. Julian drew inspiration from his career as an officer in the British Army to create historical wargaming figures.

The Victrix one-man army soon expanded when Julian met Stephen Hales. Steve's background in art and video-game animation design was the missing piece in the Victrix formula, which now combined military history with digital design expertise. 

Julian and Steve set out with a simple mission: to make highly detailed, historically accurate miniatures which allowed people around the globe to re-live history on their own terms.

After years of pop-up shops and attending wargaming events, Victrix established a home in the Lake District, England, where the whole family got involved!

Today, the Victrix community is in the tens of thousands. As a result, it’s fair to say we’ve outgrown our current premises. When walking through the office is like navigating your way through the minitours labyrinth, its time to move.

As of June, we will be moving into our new premises, embarking on the next chapter of our journey. Although a lot has changed over the years, we are still a family run business, and we are still dedicated to bringing you the highest quality miniatures.

It has been an incredible journey so far and we hope you will continue it with us.

3 Responses

Rob Govier

Rob Govier

March 13, 2022

Can I echo David Wilson’s comment about the 54mm range? I seen to recall mention of a French cannon and crew – and were there standard-bearer figures, French and British? The figures are perfect for 54mm skirmish gaming.

David Wilson

David Wilson

December 29, 2021

Good afternoon Sir, firstly let me wish you a happy christmas break and New year. I have but three simple questions, will you add to the 54mm range, preferably in metal but plastic would be ok, as long as they have gaiters and not trousers, secondly will you add specific sheild wall figures for the Vikings and Saxons, I have looked at the offerings of your compeditors but the shields are thicker than a wheel of a saracen. and lastly any chance of WAS/ SYW French & British.
Yours sincerly
D.Wilson La Trinité France

Brendan Flynn

Brendan Flynn

December 15, 2021

Congratulations on the move to the new premises guys. Here’s hoping it leads to even more growth and allows an expansion of products to fill in the ranges.

Keep up the good work. Your miniatures are certainly among the very best in the industry and reasonably priced. I have Romans, Gauls, and Vikings currently and am looking at the new Normans to add to the collection.

Viva la Victrix.

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