New Releases

Greek Hoplite  shield designs 18
Greek Hoplite shield designs 18 £3.50
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Republican Roman shield designs 25
Republican Roman shield designs 25 £4.00
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Carthaginian shield designs 9
Carthaginian shield designs 9 £8.00
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Celtic chariot and fighting crew transfers
Celtic chariot and fighting crew transfers £10.00
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Ancient Gallic Armoured Warriors
Ancient Gallic Armoured Warriors £21.21 - £24.95
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Celtic Chariot
Celtic Chariot £25.46 - £29.95
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Welcome to Victrix

Victrix manufacture 28mm hard plastic historical figures for gamers and collectors. Buy direct online, quality Ancient Roman, Greek, Carthaginian, Samnite, Iberian, Celtic, Macedonian, Numidian plus Napoleonic Waterloo, Peninsular war and World War II miniatures.

We also have 54mm British and  French Napoleonic. To date we have 60 plastic boxed sets including covering Ancient, Napoleonic and WW2 aircraft models. Our Napoleonic includes Highlander, Grenadier Guard, British Napoleonic Foot Artillery and French Napoleonic Artillery. The plastics are fully backed up with a full range of shield transfers and flag sheets.



The Last Post

CAD images of the Viking main frame, now tooling.

January 10, 2019

Showing in this post is the digital frame layout for the main Viking frame. As you can all see there are plenty of head, and weapon options so no two warbands will look the same. A few notes to mention; the figures with the chainmail hood have a specific heads. The arms at the top of the frame with a a short axe and pole combine to create a double handed axe. LBMS have committed to an initial release of 8-10 Viking shield transfer sheets with more to possibly follow. Tooling of this frame is underway and we hope to show the command frame next month.

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Ancient British war Chariot test shots

January 07, 2019

We have now received test shots of the Ancient British war Chariot. A few tweaks required to improve fit and function but hope to release later this month.

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