12mm/1:144 Tanks


This set includes 6 superbly detailed 12mm/1:144 tanks and a decal sheet (Allied stars and British names beginning ABC). The Cromwell was the most common British tank that fought in North West Europe in 1944-45. One of the fastest tanks of the war with a top speed of 64kph but was geared down to stop excessive engine wear. Armed with a 75mm gun, this was the best British tank of WWII.

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Crew 5
Armament 75mm plus one bow and one coaxial 7,92mm Besa machine guns.
Ammunition 51 75mm rounds
Speed Road - 53kph      Cross Country - 28kph  
Range Road - 270km     Cross country - 155km

Hull - Front 85mm, Sides 76mm, Rear 33mm. Turret –Front 80mm, Sides 66mm, Rear 61mm.