Greek Shield Transfers

Greek Hoplite shield designs 15

16 Greek Hoplite shield transfers to fit Victrix limited range of ancient Greeks.

These designs work in a slightly different way to the normal LBMS transfers. Normally you prime the shield white underneath.

However these shields are designed to look like metalic Bronze. Paint the shield in a light gold paint such as Games Workshop Burnished Gold or lighter. Apply the transfer and the brown shading of the transfer blends with the metalic colour underneath and gives you a wonderful realistic Bronze effect. To blend the rims to match the transfers simply run a wash of brown ink or use the dip on the rim and the shield will look look great!

If you are varnishing the shield, try not to use matt varnish on the shield as that takes away the metalic lustre. Use somthing like satin as gloss can look a bit plasticy!