Limited Edition Print of Ju87G2 flow by Hans Ulrich Rudel

This limited edition print of a Ju87G2 flow by Hans Ulrich Rudel was created by famed aviation artist James Baldwin.

Prints measure 42.5cm by 30cm or A3 in plain man's language.

The Ju87 G2 was developed to try and make some dents in the huge quantities of Soviet tanks that the German army had to face on the Eastern Front.

The original Ju87 was stripped of it's dive brakes and a pair of 37mm cannon were slung under the wings. Due to the weight of these cannons the Stuka G's wings were extended to provide additional lift. The plane was slow, ponderous and difficult to fly but in the hands of an expert (only the very best German pilots were allowed to fly these aircraft) it could be lethal.

Limited to 200 copies this is a bargain for any serious aviation art collector.